Buttock Augmentation Los Angeles

Why is there such a craze about butt augmentation Los Angeles? The latest trend in plastic surgery is no longer lipo-zap, Botox, or Laser plastic surgery! Now, more than ever before, the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure is Buttock Augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift! The reason is that men and women are unhappy with their buttocks. Their butt is too flat, too wide, or sagging. Designer jeans don’t fit or look good on them. They were either born like this, or lost the form and shape of their buttocks after losing or gaining weight. Pregnancy, or just aging alone, can also affect the size, projection, and profile of the buttocks. Inability to achieve perky buttocks and sexy curves through exercises and muscle toning has frustrated health-conscious women of Southern California.

There is an assortment of cosmetic surgery procedures available for those who desire youthful, fuller, and perky buttocks, with a more sensual body profile. These techniques for buttock augmentation or enhancement vary depending on what is the actually missing and what is the overall body frame and form

Fore example, there are many who are either genetically or by weight gain have developed “fat and wide” buttocks. Liposculpture as performed by plastic surgeons can shape their buttocks and the surrounding tissues to make the buttocks rounder and more proportional to the rest of the figure.

Butt LiftOn the other hand, there are those who have “flat and wide” buttocks. In addition to utilizing liposculpture to shape their waist, hips, and buttocks, fat injection or grafting is used to augment the buttocks and to provide fullness and projection. Because it also helps to lift sagging butts this procedure is also referred to as a Brazilian Buttock Lift.

Contrary to the above, there are some with sagging buttocks who are not a candidate for Brazilian Buttock Augmentation. These are people whose buttocks sag as a result of massive weight loss after gastric bypass surgery. These people would rather benefit from a bodylift procedure which removes excess skin and helps to lift their thighs and buttocks.

Dr. Younai is a Board Certified Plastic, Cosmetic, & Reconstructive Surgeon of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles who is experienced in the body contouring including Buttock Augmentation with fat injection or implants, as well as buttock, thigh, and body lift.

During your consultation Dr. Younai will review your treatment options for Buttock Contouring, Augmentation, and Enlargement. He will discuss if you are a good candidate, surgical options and techniques, potential risks and complications of surgery, pre- and post-operative instructions, and recovery course, as well as what to expect after surgery. At that time, Dr. Younai will also show you before-and-after pictures of other patients who might be similar to you and have had Buttock Augmentation and/or Brazilian Butt Lift.




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