Buttock Augmentation Recovery Los Angeles

What Should You Expect During the Recovery Process after Buttock Augmentation?

When patients leave the surgery facility to go home, they are usually groggy for about 12 hours or overnight. That is why it is very important to have someone who can assist you with getting around and taking your medications for at least the first 24 hours.

Make sure that you have all your medications, cold drinks, and towels at your bedside. Most people are nauseated during the first 24-48 hours. To reduce this, we suggest that you take your nausea pill one hour before taking your pain pills or antibiotics. While it is good to drink plenty of liquids, please refrain from drinking plain water or acidic fruit juices because they will make you more nauseated. Do not be alarmed when blood-tinged tumescent fluid oozes from the sites of fat harvest or liposuction. This is a normal result of liposuction and usually stops within half a day. The surgeon leaves these tiny incisions exposed so that the liquid spills out, thereby minimizing bruising. You should cover your bed to avoid staining from this fluid. On the other hand there should not be any drainage from the incision where the implant has been placed. If this happens, please inform your doctor.

There will be some swelling and some minimal bruising which dissipates five to eight weeks following surgery. Despite this swelling, you will be smaller than your original size. However, you should wait to buy new clothing until your size has stabilized.

Following liposuction, fat injection, or implant placement, you are placed in a support garment. Do not remove this until your doctor instructs you to do so. We usually have the patient remove their garment and to take a shower after 2 days. The first time that you remove your garment you will feel faint, which is normal. Have someone with you at that time. After your first shower you need to apply Vaseline or heavy lotion all over liposuctioned areas and the buttock skin to alleviate the itchiness that is caused by the skin-drying effects of liposuction. This is a good time for you to start massaging the fat injection areas. You should massage these areas softly about three times a days for about six weeks. Sometimes, patients whose skin was not firm and elastic will experience dimpling of the skin. These can be eliminated or minimized by massaging and early exercise. If you have implants don’t get the incision wet until instructed by your surgeon.

For the first two weeks you should sleep on your stomach and not on your back. During this time you should avoid putting direct pressure on your buttock for few minutes at a time. If you have to sit, use a very soft cushion. From week three until six you should also sit on cushions when sitting for prolonged periods.

All surgical areas stay numb for four to eight weeks. Massage will help to desensitize your skin in order to avoid hypersensitivity or skin irritation.

The most important way that a person can contribute to having a great result is by being meticulous about conducting massage.

You need to meticulously clean your buttock implant incision in the shower and then after with alcohol after each bowl movement, or at least once daily for the first two weeks after surgery. Patients will also feel a bruise-like or muscle cramp-like pain, particularly in the areas where fat was removed, and which will be addressed through a prescription from your surgeon. Antibiotics are prescribed to reduce the risk of infection.
It is good to ambulate after surgery in order to prevent stagnation of blood in your legs and to reduce the chance of developing blood clots.

Support garments should be worn 24 hours a day for three weeks, and then during the daytime for the next three weeks. This will help to reduce swelling, and to help shrink the skin, and to form the buttock area.

Set up your bed in an area that is easily accessible and that you don’t have to climb multiple stairs. Have bunch of pillows or cushions available so that you can place them behind your back and under your knees after the surgery.

You must make arrangements for a responsible adult friend or family member to take you home after surgery. You are not allowed to drive yourself home or take a taxi. After surgery, this caregiver is required to stay with you and to monitor and assist you for at least 10-15 days after a buttock augmentation. If you don’t have such a person, or live far away, or are having extensive or multiple procedures please let us know in advance so that we can help you make arrangements for a stay at an after-care facility or hospital.

For those who travel from out of town for a buttock augmentation, or other cosmetic surgery procedures we require that they be accompanied by a mature and capable adult that can drive and help them with their daily recovery chores. Furthermore, they should arrange to stay in a local hotel or after-care facility for enough time so that they can be monitored by the doctor and his assistants. Depending on the extent of your planned surgery, we will recommend a range of days from 14-21 days that you should stay in town, before returning home. If you must travel alone, please let us know in advance, so that we can help you acquire nursing assistance. You are also responsible for your own transportation and personal-care expenses. Most importantly, please plan in advance and communicate with our office your travel and stay plans, so that we can help coordinate a smooth plastic surgery recovery for you.

When Can I Resume Work and Exercise?

Most patients can resume normal activities within two weeks after buttock implant placement, or within one week after fat grafting. After this time you can start gentle waking but must refrain from jogging or doing heavy physical activity or exercising until six weeks after surgery. You can do upper body exercising after two weeks. Most patients return to work within a week after fat grafting and after two weeks from buttock implant placement.

How Painful Is Buttock Augmentation?

Usually, fat injection is much less painful that buttock augmentation with implants. Fat injection feels mostly like a bad bruise.




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