Large Volume Liposuction For Plus Size Patients

People’s opinions and attitudes are changing about what is the perfect body shape and size. As a Plastic Surgeon I have noted this cosmetic surgery trend- women now want curvy bodies and not stick figures. At this same time the average men and women are getting larger in cloths and dress sizes. People of plus sizes have different needs in terms of Body Contouring and Plastic Surgery. They want to look their best with a full figure. They want to look sexy and attractive. They want to have smooth curves! Large-Volume-Liposuction delivers what plus size women and men of Los Angeles want.

Are you a size 10 or more? What size where you when you were in high school or before you had children? Do you want to go down 2-3 sizes at one time? Do you want to keep a curvaceous figure while shedding your excess fat? Large-volume liposuction makes this possible, very safely.

Unfortunately, many plastic surgeons don’t put in the time and effort to remove the maximum amount of fat that can be safely taken out at one setting. That’s why they might tell you to lose weight first before having liposuction. What’s the point in that! I believe that if your weight has been stable and you are dedicated to staying healthy and to maintaining your weight, a plastic surgeon should be able to help you to get the body that you want. Many people who are plus size have a difficult time getting the shape and figure that they want, even after loosing 20-30 lbs. If a plastic surgeon can give you that initial major change in appearance, this should motivation you to maintain your new beautiful form.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Liposuction, I have had much experience with the safe removal of large volumes of fat in one session. It is not unusual for most of my patients to go down several sizes, or to be able to fit back into their old clothes. Having fought weight problems all my life, I can’t tell you how excited I get when I see my patients come back wearing fitted clothing with a proportionate figure. They deserve it! They feel and look like a million! This boosts their confidence and encourages them to continue improving themselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Large-volume liposuction is not a pill you take nor is it a magic wand. It is real surgery like any other surgery. And just like any surgery it carries potential risks; therefore, the decision to undergo such surgery should be taken seriously.

In order to keep you safe and to minimize any surgical risks you should follow the following advice-

You need to let your doctor know of any diet pills, herbs, or vitamins that you might be taking because some of them might adversely affect you during surgery. All my patients get a pre-operative evaluation at our office or by their doctor or specialist, in order to be cleared for surgery. This evaluation usually includes blood testing as well as an electrocardiogram to check the heart. Additional testing, specialist evaluations, and changes in your medications may be ordered as part of your preoperative optimization. I only perform large-volume Liposuction after patients are found to be of known satisfactory medical condition to undergo surgery. Often times I get asked if having diabetes, thyroid disease, asthma, or hypertension, precludes them from being able to undergo such surgery.

The answer is no. None of these medical conditions preclude having safe surgery, as long as your condition is under control by your specialist, and as long as our anesthesiologist is made aware of these conditions so that he can make necessary provisions. You need to be very forthcoming with my medical staff and I about your general health; medications or supplements that you are taking; and any past or current medical conditions or procedures that you have had.

Besides being cleared for surgery it is also important to have your procedure performed at a safe surgery center, and under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

Often times I become perplexed when consulting people who are more concerned about saving a few dollars in surgery cost than having their surgery performed by a qualified surgeon and anesthesiologist at an accredited surgery facility. I believe that having a Board Certified and apt anesthesiologist is just as important as having a good Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. After all it is the anesthesiologist who is keeping you alive during the surgery! Although there are many nurse anesthetists that are very qualified, in general, if I were going to undergo surgery I would personally choose a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Why possibly compromise ones health for just a few dollars?

Let’s talk about surgical facilities. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Just because a so called expert plastic surgeon’s office has a fancy waiting area or exam room, or is, it does not mean that their surgery facility is accredited or up to the highest standards. I have seen many such places that have operating room and anesthesia equipment that is antiquated, obsolete, or marginally safe. These issues are just as important as having a talented plastic surgeon. So ask if the surgery facility is accredited by one of the legitimate accreditation organizations such as the AAAHC, AAAASF, or Medicare.

Last, but not least, know who is going to be doing your surgery. Is your doctor a “cosmetic” surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon? Many people don’t know the difference between these two! Now days almost anyone from a dentist to a foot doctor can take a limited liposuction course and get a certificate for being a “cosmetic surgeon” or a “liposuction surgeon”. The American Board of Medical Specialties ( ) does NOT recognize the “Board of Cosmetic Surgery”. The only recognized board is that of the “American Board of Plastic Surgery”. You can verify if your “cosmetic or Plastic surgeon” is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by visiting American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Also, make sure that your plastic surgeon, himself/herself is going to be performing your surgery, and not a nurse, physician’s assistant (PA), or your surgeon’s “associate”. In the State of California if a surgeon does not have (or cannot get) official privileges to perform liposuction or any particular plastic surgery procedure at a large hospital, he or she is most likely not a Plastic Surgeon.

Now, let’s talk about the large-volume liposuction procedure. There are a variety of liposuction techniques available such as tumescent, ultrasonic, laser liposuction, Lipozap, Smart Lipo. Etc. Tumescent liposuction involves infiltrating a combination of saline, anesthetic, and vasoconstrictive fluids into the fatty areas prior to liposuction. This helps to numb the area, as well as constricts the blood vessels to minimize blood loss. It is this innovation that enables plastic surgeons to remove large volumes of fat with minimal blood loss and maximum safety. With standard tumescent liposuction, after infusing the tumescent fluid, the surgeon sucks out the fat and contours the body with a liposuction machine. In ultrasonic liposuction an ultrasonic probe is used to break up the fat cells before suctioning. Although this method could expedite fat removal, it has been shown to have a higher complication rate than the standard tumescent liposuction, by possibly creating skin burns, areas of skin nerve damage, and fluid buildup. For these reasons, I personally do not favor this technique. Laser liposuction is similar to ultrasonic liposuction but uses the laser beam to break up the fat cells. Please note that no matter what type of liposuction you might have, it is ultimately your surgeon’s skills and experience that is of utmost importance. It is important to see if your plastic surgeon has had experience with large-volume liposuction. Some surgeons typically don’t remove more than the volume of a coke bottle at one sitting. This might not be considered a large enough volume to make a significant difference in your size. Also, don’t be shy about asking to see their previous results. When visiting our office, I would personally review with you typical before-and-after patient photos. Then, after your examination, I will try to give you a realistic view of what I think I can deliver for you. You are also welcome to talk to my previous patients to share their experience. My staff and/or I will review with you the details of having surgery; such as recuperation time, activity limitations, when you can resume exercising, along with in depth pre- and post-operative instructions. These instructions as well as a detailed list of potential risks and complications are available on our Liposuction and Body Contouring web page. You must familiarize yourself with these and ask me about any questions or concerns that you might have prior to your surgery.

Ask your doctor about the limitations of large volume liposuction. You might need to undergo more than one procedure to achieve the optimal result. Unlike what you see on “extreme makeover”, I don’t believe that it is safe to have multiple lengthy procedures performed at one time. If you are doing large-volume fat removal from one area, such as the abdomen, you might have to come back another time to have other areas such as the thighs done. Remember that there is generally a safe volume limit of fat that can be removed at one sitting depending on your medical condition and your blood count. Fortunately, skin shrinks quite dramatically after large-volume liposuction, but depending on your skin elasticity and body area, some people might get areas of wrinkles or skin irregularities, or may need to have excess skin removed at a later time. This might be in the form of tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), arm tuck (brachioplasty), body lift, or thigh lift.

What you have read so far, is only a limited introduction. Nevertheless, I hope that I have been able to point out some of the important issues about undergoing large volume liposuction. You can review the details about undergoing liposuction by visiting our detailed page on Liposuction and Body Contouring. Also you can view several before-and-after pictures here or on our Plastic Surgery Photo Gallery.

Do your homework and feel good about doing something positive for yourself.

Dr. Younai is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has successfully performed large volume liposuction on more than thousand patients. He has received patients from all over the world.

If you are seeking advice on large volume liposuction you should contact us . For those who are traveling from out of town to our plastic surgery center you can find assistance at our Travel & Directions page.




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