Liposuction Patient Satisfaction Los Angeles

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Patient Dissatisfaction?

Less than desired results are a common complaint among patients who have had liposuction on multiple areas on the same day. This is because there is a limit to how much fat can be removed safely at one time. Surgeons who attempt to treat too many body areas on a single day are obliged to remove less fat from each individual area. Therefore, it is best to limit liposuction to one or two body areas during the same surgery.


Skin irregularities or lack of smoothness can be a complaint. Smooth results that look natural are of great importance. Cannulas (the metal wands that are used to suction fat from beneath the skin) that have a relatively large diameter tend to produce results with more irregularities than do smaller cannulas. Smooth results also depend on patient’s skin elasticity, the body area, and how meticulously patients massage the suctioned area following surgery.

Seven Steps to Achieving Satisfaction With Your Liposuction

  1. Do your research;
  2. Ask questions;
  3. Check the credentials of your doctor, and of the surgery facility;.
  4. Know your goals;
  5. Have realistic expectations – no human being can attain “perfection;”
  6. Follow your doctor’s instructions thoroughly;
  7. Be patient during the healing process. You just had major surgery; and you didn’t buy a new body off the rack!




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