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Although pregnancy and childbirth are rewarding aspects of motherhood, these factors can create an unflattering figure! Hence, the concept of Mommy Makeover for Los Angeles and Beverly Hills women was born; developing out of the woman’s desire to regain the figure that she once had prior to pregnancy. The women who seek a Mommy Makeover want to have their tummy stretch marks and hanging skin removed, as well as, to lift and augment their sagging and empty breasts. Mommy Makeover is not just the desire of every mother, but of all mothers who have lost their beautiful bodies to pregnancy. Dr. Sean Younai, a board certified Southern California plastic surgery provider, is proud to create a beautiful, new figure for women who are interested in a Mommy Makeover.

Having sacrificed their bodies to bear our children — women deserve the best!

A Mommy Makeover has become the talk of the town in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. After completing multiple pregnancies, many women are seeking plastic surgery to restore their original beauty and youth.

Tummy Tuck ("Abdominoplasty") After Pregnancy and Childbirth

The rapid enlargement of the abdomen during pregnancy produces many tummy, hip, and thigh stretch marks. This process also stretches the abdominal muscles and the loss of the abdominal wall integrity and tightness. That is why women cannot regain their original figure with dieting and exercise alone. A tummy tuck, or "abdominoplasty," tightens the abdominal muscles, removes the excess hanging skin folds and stretch marks; rejuvenates the belly button; and even at times, tones the upper thighs and buttocks. The High Tension Abdominoplasty™ performed by Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Younai accomplishes all of this, and more. It combines liposuction and tummy tuck to shape and form a women’s torso to that of an hourglass.

Breast Enhancement after Pregnancy and Childbirth

During pregnancy, the breasts enlarge and the skin, areola, and the supporting ligaments stretch. Once a women is done with breastfeeding, breast tissue shrinks and loses significant volume, thus resulting in breasts that sag and appear empty. In order to restore the form and appearance of youthful breasts, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills plastic surgeons usually offer a combination of breast augmentation with the use of breast implants, along with a breast lift, or "mastopexy." While saline or silicone implants help to restore breast volume and projection, mastopexy tightens the skin, reduces the size of the areola, and lifts the breasts.

The phenomenon of Mommy Makeover can include more than just tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and breast lift surgery. It can also include rejuvenation of the facial skin with photo facials and lasers, as well as use of injectable dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of deep nasolabial folds and "crow’s feet."

At the California Center for Plastic Surgery, Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Younai offers the entire spectrum of Mommy Makeover treatments for women of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. These interventions can vary from High Tension Abdominoplasty™, to breast augmentation and breast lift surgery; as well as Botox ®, Restylane ®, Juvederm ™, and Radiance ™, which are offered in our full service Medical Spa.

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