Breast Reduction Unsatisfactory Results Los Angeles

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Patient Dissatisfaction after Breast Reduction?

In general, most women are happy with the outcome of Breast Reduction.
The most common reason for lack of satisfaction with Breast Reduction Surgery is breast asymmetry. No matter how well breast symmetry is achieved during surgery, the breast tissue and skin will behave differently once the tremendous weight of the breasts is removed. This can result in nipple and breast tissue asymmetry that might require further surgery to correct, once the breasts settled.

The second most common reason for dissatisfaction with Breast Reduction is recurrent breast ptosis or sagging. Although

Breast Reduction lifts the breasts, it does not prevent them from sagging with time. Wearing a bra helps preserve breast shape and youthfulness. Despite this, after a while any patient might need to have her breasts lifted again.

The final reason for patient dissatisfaction is losing nipple sensation or even the entire nipple. Understandably, this can be devastating to a woman, but fortunately it’s rare; and if it occurs, the nipple-areolar complex can be reconstructed.
Seven steps to having a great result with your Breast Reduction?

  1. Do your research.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Check your doctor and surgery facility credentials.
  4. Know your goal. What is it that you really want to achieve?
  5. Have realistic expectations. No human can attain perfection!
  6. Follow your doctor’s instructions thoroughly.
  7. Be patient with getting there. You just had real surgery; and you didn’t buy breasts off the rack!

Having said all this, thousands of women undergo breast surgery every year and are very happy with their decision. Please remember to take your plastic surgery endeavor seriously. After all, it is no different than any other surgery that you might undergo.

At the California Center for Plastic Surgery Dr. Younai will review your treatment options for Breast Reduction Surgery, including pros and cons of each procedure, potential risks and complications, recovery course, pre and post operative instructions, and esthetic outcomes. There are also many before-and-after pictures and high resolution images of Reduction Mammoplasty available in our photo gallery.

Dr. Younai performs his surgeries at the Regency Surgery Center which is certified by Medicare, AAAHC, and AAAASF.




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