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Breast Augmentation Recovery — Encino Post-Operative

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Now that you’ve completed your breast procedure, it’s time to focus on the next important step in the process: the breast augmentation recovery. Before you worry too much, understand that the surgeon will gladly guide you through this every step of the way. Our top priority is to always ensure our patient’s safety.

The breast augmentation recovery process begins once the procedure is complete. A special dressing is gently applied that will remain until you return for your first post-operative visit. You will leave that visit wearing a cotton surgical bra. Ideally, this should be worn at all times for about a month and removed only for showers.

Expect to have some degree post-operative soreness or chest pressure for at least 24 hours after surgery. Pain medication will be given to help with any discomfort during this time. The sutures will remain intact for about two weeks after surgery. The removal process is fast and easy.

For more information about breast augmentation recovery, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Younai to set up a consultation at his Encino location.

Breast Augmentation: Why is it the #1 Cosmetic Procedure?

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For years now breast augmentation has been at the top of the list of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Women all around the world are comfortable with going under the knife to get the sexy breasts they desire. The procedure also delivers results that extend beyond appearances. Studies have shown that women who undergo breast augmentation feel more confident and have a significant increase in self-esteem after achieving fuller and shapelier breasts.

Breast augmentation has proven to safely increase breast volume, shape, size and perkiness. When it comes to breast implants there are many options in regards to shapes, sizes, implant placement and implant styles, which is why Dr. Younai helps patients determine what is best to achieve results they desire. A successful procedure will ensure enlargement, proportion and a natural appearance.

So what makes breast augmentation so popular?


Satisfaction rates are HIGH:

Women everywhere are sharing their experience and proving that results of breast augmentation reached their expectations and beyond. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 98% of women surveyed after the surgery reported that breast augmentation results met or exceeded their expectations. The study also declared that 92% of those women achieved psychological benefits with an increase of self-esteem after the procedure.


Women achieve RESULTS:

Not every breast augmentation is the same. Each woman can reach their aesthetic goals by direct consultation with their surgeon. Women have the option to choose their ideal implant, implant material, shape and size, incision location and placement. Dr. Younai is a board certified plastic surgeon who has helped many women achieve amazing results throughout his nearly 20 years of training and experience. Bigger, beautiful breasts, along with the increase in self-esteem and quality of life, make breast augmentation one of the most beneficial cosmetic procedures offered by plastic surgeons today.

Recovery is EASY:

Some of the biggest advances in breast augmentation have been geared towards a faster, easier recovery. This is why it is crucial to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Younai who has mastered the breast augmentation technique to provide optimal results while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissue, ensuring a fast recovery while still maintaining top-notch results. Most patients report that they are able to return to daily activities within a few days and intense levels of activity and exercise within a couple weeks.

Breast augmentation is SAFE:

Breast implants are studied constantly for their stability and safety. Both saline and silicone gel implants are approved by the FDA for use in breast augmentation in the United States. Breast implants are tried and tested, proving their safety in case of rupture. Saline implants contain a saline, or salt water, solution so in case of trauma to the implant which causes leakage the solution is safely absorbed by the body. Silicone implants have been investigated extensively but have not been linked to any major diseases. The elements in the new silicone implants are cohesive and does not leak into the body upon rupture (often referred to as “silent rupture”).

Breast implant results are LONG LASTING:

Although breast implants do not come with a lifetime guarantee, they have been reported to last patients for decades. Implants are durable and designed to last. With custom sizing and placement, the implants will fit the patient’s body type for a more natural and proportional results that were built to last.

Breast augmentation has been known to boost confidence in women and improve personal and professional relationships. The patient will gain the ability to wear clothing without feeling self-conscious, such as lingerie or swimwear. Studies also show that women experience a better sex life following breast augmentation.

To discover what breast augmentation can do for your, visit Dr. Younai. Achieving a fuller and sexier bust line is safe and proven to surpass expectations. Every woman has the potential to achieve countless, long-lasting benefits following breast augmentation. The results of breast augmentation are designed to fit your goals, don’t wait any longer, schedule your appointment today for the best breast augmentation Beverly Hills has to offer.


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