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A chiseled look as identified by well defined facial features is a sign of youth, health, and beauty. To enhance their facial characteristics men and women of Beverly Hills choose facial implants.

While Los Angeles men want to have a strong and masculine jaw, women seek high cheek bones. Whatever features that you were born without, you can now have with the advent of Facial Implant Surgery.

Facial Plastic Surgery techniques of chin, cheek, or nose augmentation have evolved significantly over the last two decades.

At one time, plastic surgeons grafted the patient’s bone or cartilage to augment facial features, and correct weaknesses and defects caused by aging or genetics. In addition to Autologus implants which are derived from a person’s own tissue, synthetic or Alloplastic implants are now also used for facial augmentation. These Facial Implants are man-made synthetic substitutes, generally made of solid silicone, or porous materials such as Polyethylene, to surgically enhance the cheeks, chin, nose, jaw, and lips.

Cheek Implants provide greater definition and fullness to flat cheekbones to convey the healthy, youthful look that strong, high cheekbones express. Men and women with flat, thin and round faces are good candidates for Cheek Implants, as are those whose faces have hollowed from weight loss, aging, or disease (Lipoatrophy). These Cheek Implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes in order to enhance the facial features of people with different ethnicities and heritage.

The facial cosmetic surgeon can augment the Malar region, the outer upper cheek area, or the Submalar region, the lower or mid-cheek area that becomes gaunt and sunken as we age.

For the augmentation of the malar or cheek region, your facial plastic surgeon will make one of two kinds of incisions – an Intra-oral Canine Incision or a Trans-conjunctival Incision in the lower eyelid.

The surgeon then creates an exact pocket between the cheekbones and their overlying soft tissues, and places the implants into that pocket. During Submalar implantation, the plastic surgeon positions an anatomically designed silicone implant over the mid-third of the face which fills in the hollow area below the cheeks. Sometimes, Cheek Implant surgery is performed in conjunction with a Facelift or Blepharoplasty/eyelid tuck to replenish the lost facial volume.

Chin augmentation or Genioplasty uses Chin Implants to augment or enlarge a weak and receding chin, thereby improving the overall facial harmony. It is not just the size of chin that is important, but more so, it’s relative projection to that of the nose and lips from the side profile. Chin implants can either be inserted through a small incision from under the chin (submental) or through the mouth.

Nasal Implants for the augmentation or reconstruction of the nasal bridge are maybe the most commonly used types of implants. In fact, in Asia ivory, bone, or cartilage were used centuries ago to reconstruct an amputated nose or to enhance the size of the nasal bridge. Today’s Alloplastic nasal implants are made of high-density polyethylene and come in different shapes, sizes, and thickness. Men and women who are candidates for this surgery include those whose noses need added tip support, bridge contour or rebuild collapsed nasal bridge. Different Nasal Implants are designed to enhance different ethnic nasal features of different races including Asians, African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians.

Jaw Implants augment and strengthen a weak-appearing jaw, and are inserted into a pocket over the angle of the jaw by the cosmetic surgeon through an intra-oral incision.

Traditionally, Lip Augmentation was performed by the injection of collagen, fat, Alloderm or other fillers. Because these fillers are temporary new arrays of Ultra-soft and pliable synthetic lip implants have been developed such as Gortex or PTFE lip implants. These new lip implants can be formed to the desired shape and fullness, and inserted through small incisions at the corners of the lips.

Dr. Younai is a Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon with experience in all aspects of Facial Cosmetic Surgery including Facial Augmentation with Facial Implants, Facelift or Rhytidectomy, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, neck lift, forehead or brow lift, rhinoplasty, etc. He is skilled and experienced in all techniques of Facial Augmentation and Implant Surgery and strives to create a face that is harmonious and natural looking. During your consultation he will discuss all details including: if you are a good candidate, surgical options and techniques, potential risks and complications of surgery, pre- and post-operative instructions, recovery course, as well as what to expect after surgery. You will also have an opportunity of seeing and trying on different types of facial implants. At that time Dr. Younai will also show you before-and-after pictures of other patients with Facial Implants, such as Cheek, Chin, Jaw, and Nasal Implants.




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