African American Nose Surgery Los Angeles

Ethnic Rhinoplasty among African Americans is not as common as nose surgery among Caucasians in Southern California. One reason may be that because of recent history of Black Rhinoplasty, African-Americans are fearful of getting a nose that resembles that of Michel Jackson! The first thing that I often hear from African Americans that seek Ethnic Rhinoplasty is that they want to look natural. Black men and women who seek rhinoplasty in Los Angeles want to get a nose which is more refined, while being in harmony with the rest of their face.

In order to achieve a natural looking nose during an Ethnic Rhinoplasty a plastic surgeon has to be aware of several fundamental differences between an African American and a Caucasian nose. A black person’s nose is typically wider at the nostrils, more flared, and has less nasal tip projection. Also African Americans typically do not have a prominent bridge. In order to make an African nose more proportional and balanced, augmentation of the nasal bridge is usually required. Nasal augmentation is achieved either with the use of a nasal implant or that of a cartilage graft. The size and width of the nostrils is also reduced to a more normal proportion, and the nasal tip is raised.

There are several limitations in performing a rhinoplasty on an African-American. Because the nasal skin of an African American person is relatively thicker than that of a Caucasian the same level of refinement and definition can seldom be achieved in an African-American nose surgery. Therefore, the nasal tip often remains rounder and less sharp, and the nostrils (ala) skin usually stays thicker.

Because of a propensity for developing keloid scarring the incisions in an African American nasal surgery have to be carefully and strategically placed, for example in the nostril creases. Likewise, an open Rhinoplasty should be avoided.




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